Exam guide & tips for 70-473

I recently obtained the Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions (70-473) Microsoft certificate and this makes it the 2nd "Azure related" certification I have achieved, the previous one being the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-534) Microsoft certificate. Based on Microsoft's certification path, this makes me a MCSA: Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and puts me right on track to obtain the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

Migrate Stack Overflow database to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

In my last 2 posts I have used Data Factory to copy data from an on-premise SQL Server to a Blob storage. This time around, I used Data Factory to migrate Stack Overflow database hosted in SQL Server 2016 to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

SQL Server on CentOS Linux with Azure Data Factory

With the release of SQL Server Linux public review on November, I have been wanting to give it a go at installing it on Linux. There's currently installs for 3 linux distributions, which is RHEL (Fedora), Ubuntu (Debian) and recently SUSE.

Integration Services load data settings to be aware of

When it comes to a Data Warehouse POC conversation, one of the most brought up topic is data loading or more specifically how fast can we load from source to target.

Top 6 Licensing SQL Server FAQ

Periodically I am asked "how do I license SQL Server?" either from a customer, partner or internal. Technical roles in Microsoft are at times considered to be sort of a domain expert in product licensing. Not surprising as there's a lot of details in software licensing that requires technical know-how to understand, which can be a challenge to grasp for those not familiar with the product.

Hi, I am Ian Choy SH


I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my family, a dog name Freckle and several cardinal tetras and mollyfishes.

I enjoy dabbling in technology particularly in areas related to data and cloud platform.

In my spare time I enjoy competitive PC gaming, badminton, traveling & watching Netflix.

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