PowerBI goes OnPrem

Having Power BI as an on-premise solution is probably one of the most requested "Ask" I get from customers. There are a large chunk of them wanting an on-premise solution with little interest in hosting anything on the cloud. This can be due to various reasons such as a sense of security, regulatory requirements, unfamiliarity with cloud technologies, etc. Although Power BI does allow you to maintain data on-premise via a data gateway, the portal itself is still very much a cloud offering.

Sizing the cost of a Cortana Intelligence Suite project

A customer of yours is eager to start a new data project on Azure Cloud Platform. They are looking to use a lot of the goodness Azure has to offer in terms of data orchestration, big data, data warehouse, hybrid connectivity, etc.. all the cool stuff. You pull out the Cortana Intelligence Suite diagram and start explaining the various azure services available under this brand name.

Power BI on Azure SQL setup

Power BI connected to Azure SQL Database either by direct query or import is a very common workload for customers looking to take advantage of Cloud for their enterprise/departmental data warehouse BI needs.

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