Demystify Machine Learning thru Azure Machine Learning Studio

More customers are testing out Azure Machine Learning as they look to ride the wave of the "AI" and "Predictive" buzz that's overflowing media channels. As many begin to hands-on Azure ML, naturally more requests comes in on questions surrounding Azure ML or in actuality, Machine Learning in general.

Sizing the cost of a Cortana Intelligence Suite project

A customer of yours is eager to start a new data project on Azure Cloud Platform. They are looking to use a lot of the goodness Azure has to offer in terms of data orchestration, big data, data warehouse, hybrid connectivity, etc.. all the cool stuff. You pull out the Cortana Intelligence Suite diagram and start explaining the various azure services available under this brand name.

Azure Machine Learning Studio now supports Python 3.5 Anaconda 4.0

It's great that Azure ML now supports Python 3.5! Sure, it's been a year since Python 3.5 is released but who's counting ;-)

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