A look into Microsoft's MPP cloud data warehouse offering

MPP Databases, where MPP stands for Massive Parallel Processing have long been the domains of specialized data warehouse vendors such as Teradata, Netezza, etc. to cater as a large relational data repository (ten's to hundred's of Terabytes ) as well as providing query performances to match that scale.

Migrate Stack Overflow database to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

In my last 2 posts I have used Data Factory to copy data from an on-premise SQL Server to a Blob storage. This time around, I used Data Factory to migrate Stack Overflow database hosted in SQL Server 2016 to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

SQL Server on CentOS Linux with Azure Data Factory

With the release of SQL Server Linux public review on November, I have been wanting to give it a go at installing it on Linux. There's currently installs for 3 linux distributions, which is RHEL (Fedora), Ubuntu (Debian) and recently SUSE.

Orchestrate Hybrid Data Movement and Transformation with Azure Data Factory

Loading on-premise data to the cloud and performing data processing using a compute engine is a common workload for most hybrid cloud architecture and that's where the Azure Data Factory service plays a key role.

Modern Data Warehouse on Azure based on Lambda Architecture

Most customers will have an environment like this. If it's a large organization, it's likely this would be their departmental BI environment. If it's a small size company, it may be their main reporting setup.

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